Environmental Policy

Ultimate Transportation Equipment, national producer of composite material parts and a brand name in the field, built an image by serious relationship with business partners through correct conduct and providing products and reliable services and quality, following the customer satisfaction priority.

In accordance with professional ethics and conduct, with civic duty, the management team promotes an environmental policy based on human and environmental protection of natural resources.

The organization takes its commitment to:

Apply in all their activities the policies of sustainable development

Comply with applicable environmental legislation in Romania and European environmental regulations

To continually improve environmental performance by:

  • Avoidance of pollution and environmental accidents,
  • Preserving the environment and natural resources,
  • Respecting the right to healthy life of their local community and employees.

To prevent pollution of soil, air and water by:

  • Effective application management to reduce air pollution through best preventive measures,
  • Proper management of waste.

To achieve its goals, Ultimate Transportation Equipment aims to integrate environmental management system in accordance with EN ISO 14001 quality management system certified and functional in the organization.

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