Quality policy

Ultimate Transportation Equipment wants to be a benchmark in the field of manufacturing and selling products made of composite materials, satisfaction of customer requirements being the main objective of the quality policy.

Through continuous improvement of products / services, Ultimate Transportation Equipment is committed to maintain and continuously improve the confidence of suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders, the performance and prestige gained in the manufacture and sale of products made of composite materials.

Economic policy of the organization requires controlling all processes in order to achieve maximum performance and efficiency in the business. For continuous improvement of business, the management team promotes involvement of all employees and their awareness of their responsibilities in achieving high quality products / services.

Design, development, implementation, certification, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system standards ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) are objectives that for Ultimate Transportation Equipment represent the guarantee of success.

The main objectives to be achieved by Ultimate Transportation Equipment are:

Maintaining and enhancing the prestige gained in the manufacture and sale of products made of composite materials by the expansion of the market for products / services from Ultimate Transportation Equipment;

Developing contracts for rail vehicles industry, realization and development of partnerships with foreign companies;

Engaging responsibly, efficiently and profitably in this market, reflected in continuous growth in turnover;

Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction by increasing the quality of products / services and ensure customer requirements and documentation, procedures and standards applicable legal and regulatory requirements;

Awareness through regular training of all personnel on the crucial role it holds in achieving quality of manufactured products, with meeting customer requirements, QMS documents, and respecting the legal factors.

For success and achieving goals, we commit to respect the law, the requirements of ISO 9001 – 2008 and IRIS and provide means to maintain and increase confidence of Ultimate Transportation Equipment business partners, employees and shareholders.

Top management of Ultimate Transportation Equipment has the responsibility to provide resources and optimal conditions for motivation and awareness of all employees on their responsibilities in achieving objectives.

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