Social Policy

Ultimate Transportation Equipment management team considers that the best economic results are closely related to responsibility for company employees, customers and partners.

That is why the social responsibility is an integrated part of the development strategy Ultimate Transportation Equipment has proposed and implemented.

Top management is committed to provide customers with products that meet their requirements based on the contribution of all employees.

Top management decided to implement standard “SA 8000 – Social Responsability” and comply with all requirements of its national legislation and international law.

For achieving the above, Ultimate Transportation Equipment management team undertake:

To respect and promote human rights.

Do not use child labor.

To encourage or to support and do not tolerate forced labor and not to support human rights abuses.

To ensure all necessary measures to protect the health and safety at work of all persons involved in their activities, including contractors, subcontractors, etc..

To ensure the right to free association of employees.

Do not allow any type of discrimination, employees are treated equally with respect and not tolerated physical abuse, psychological reports on them.

Prohibit any disciplinary practice meant to harm the rights and dignity of employees;

Do not accept work outside the law.

To promote an open dialogue with all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, government bodies and NGOs, so that its benefits are mutual.

Thus, Ultimate Transportation Equipment promotes positive values:

Respect for the work and its outcome.

Developing skills and personal values, both for members of the internal environment, the company and of those within the community within which we are.

Promote a climate of trust and mutual respect.

Promotion of multicultural aspect.

Promote communication.

Orientation to performance.

Social Responsibility Policy is communicated to all staff, which is required to participate in its observance.

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